Adam Mitchell
Andres Ardila
Ashton Cooksey
Austin Grace
Bjourn Sunde
Blake Fosdick
Bobby Zakhireh
Hometown: Houston, TX
Birthday: November 3rd
Something I love about BCA: I love bCa “house”
Fun Fact: I was told I have high cholesterol at the age of 15. My favorite food is my name backwards: Bobak.
Brady Chubb
Hometown: Spring Branch, TX
Birthday: July, 11th
Something I love about BCA: The clash of clans clan
Fun Fact: There’s not a single green vegetable besides lettuce drenched in dressing that I like.
Brendan McIntyre
Brett Redmon
Broc O'Brien
Burt Smith
Caleb Cooper
Cameron Yates
Hometown: Aledo, TX
Birthday: April 13th
Something I love about BCA: The sigs
Fun Fact: leading role in “Lost (pledgebook edition)”
Canyon Martine
Carson Carothers
Hometown: Denton, TX
Birthday: August 14th
Something I love about BCA: How hot the actives are
Fun Fact: I accidentally stole an art exhibit one time. Ask me about it
Carson Wright
Charles Cash
Charlie Frawley
Chase Wright
Clay Juneau
Hometown: Austin, TX
Birthday: November 16th
Something I love about BCA: It provided an opportunity to meet people that could connect and relate to me on an extremely deep level that I didn't know was possible.
Fun Fact: I have a secret YouTube channel that has over 500k subscribers.
Colin Wiegand
Colton Hackney
Cooper Kaufmann
Hometown: New Braunfels, TX
Birthday: December 14th
Cooper Brown
Craig Smith
Dait Miller
Daniel DeWeese
David Brookins
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Birthday: January 17th
Ethan Pappas
Ezra Bailey
Gage Oefinger
Hayden Upchurch
Hometown: Longview, TX
Birthday: March, 19th
Something I love about BCA: BCA family (father Derrick and his sons)
Fun Fact: Dermot Kennedy has looked me in the eyes... true story
Henry Hernandez
Hometown: Irving, Texas
Birthday: January 31st
Something I love about BCA: the incredible out state road trips taken where you get to meet and get super close with other members in the organizations and make memories that will last a lifetime
Fun Fact: high school class president and fluent in Spanish
Hilton Lewis
Hudson Holcombe
Jack Segler
Jackson Solari
Jacob Mattern
Jake Taylor
Javar Duckett
Joel Pelton
John Blair
Hometown: Bristol, TN
Birthday: July 17th
Something I love about BCA: Watching Lord of The Rings with Jackson Greer
Jonah Milby
Jonathan Hoermann
Josh McCown
Josh Strese
JR Minor
Juan Salazar
Kevin Timoney
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